Good performances of each screening system depend also from good design and operation of all auxiliary equipment installed:

Good performances of each screening system depend also from good design and operation of all auxiliary equipment installed:

  • Wash and waste system,
  • Power and Control System,
  • Differential level system,
  • Cathodic protection.

FAI is able to design and supply all ancillary equipment by means of a thick net of supplier that works from many years in these applications.

All control and safety instruments are of the last technology available in the market and of the suitable grade of protection for the heaviest environment condition.

The Washing system is studied to ensure the washing and flushing of any type and quantities of debris collected by the screens and reliably flushed into the waste disposal. Water distribution is achieved by pipeworks, fittings and valves. The spray water is taken or from the main header, whether the pressure available is sufficient, or from washing pumps (vertical, submersible or booster).  
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Local push button boxes are provided for the local/manual control for both pumps and screens. The boxes are designed with appropriate grade of protection and can includes:

  • Start / Stop buttons or selectors
  • Emergency push button
  • Ammeter
  • Status lamps
  • Reset push button
Control System

Where the system is not directly controlled and monitored from central DCS or MCC, electrical power and control panels can be supplied for the whole screening system package.

Our control panels are normally provided with PLC in single or redundant configuration (warm / hot type) including CPU, I&O cards, power supply etc., connecting all the plant by serial links or hardwired.
All the system is based on a detailed design study, made according to the customer requirement. FAI is able to provide a whole set of documents for client information and approval:

  • P&I and Key Diagrams,
  • Wiring Diagrams,
  • Logic block Diagrams,
  • List of signal with DCS,
  • I&O list,
  • Cable List,
  • Instrument list and data sheets.

Our control system can also be equipped with HMI (Human Monitoring)
Automatic operations are achieved by combined differential level control and time switch.

Differential level system 
Differential level detector (ultrasonic, radar or air type) are installed for the automatic control of the screening equipment. This system can foresee a direct calculator and monitoring panel installed at site or single level detector that send the 4-20 mA signals directly at PLC or DCS for level indication or differential calculation.

Variable Frequency Drive System (Inverter) is also provided for the smoothest drive of all rotating equipment when high speed are required.

The combined use of Differential Level System and Variable Frequency Driver applied to our rotating screens makes of our screening equipment the best performing package available on the market.

The fight against the corrosion is one of the must important issue to maintain the best performance for each screening system. In addition to the selection of the best painting system, it is mandatory to install Cathodic protection systemsusing Impressed current or sacrificial anodes.

The Impressed current is a fully automatic (PLC) controlled System that allow completely unatten¬ded operation under all conditions and is used to protect all submerged items including but not limited to: Stoplog guide tracks, bar grid system, rotary screens Main and auxiliary pumps.

Temporary or permanent Sacrificial Anodes, installed by means of S. Steel plates and bolts, are normally designed to protect structure not permanently immersed in the water or during installation period, and are designed for a life time from 2 to 5 years.