SEA WATER INTAKES Screening System


The seawater, received from intake channels or pipes, is passed through the coarse and fine screens installed in the pumping station to remove all kind of debris of particle size from 2mm to 10mm, including among other things: algae, seaweeds and jelly fishes.

All the equipments are of a well proven design and suitable for outdoor installation with protection against all the local environment. All materials of construction, where not directly indicated by Customer, are carefully selected to guarantee the maximum vital service. Maintenance is never a major requirement.

Automatic and manual operation are always available by combined differential level control, time switch and local push buttons linked by serial links or hardwired with PLC or central DCS.

Each channel, screening train or pump bay can be isolated by stop logs or motorized sluice gates normally provided with balancing valves.

In addition the screening system is completed by:

  • All equipment to treat the debris collected and waste water,
  • Spray water system including pipes, valves and pumps for back washing and flushing purpose,
  • Air cleaning system for all base stop log guide frames,
  • Cathodic protection system for all equipment which are in normal contact with seawater.