Historical Data

FAI started its activities in 1961 at Carvico (Bergamo), building a new factory and developing the previous industrial work started in 1950 in Osnago (Como).

The production, at the beginning focussed on pressure vessels and general steel works fabrication, evolved in 1970 to follow the market and FAI has improved in parallel plant and technology to face the demand. Since the early eighties FAI became a leading company for supplying:

The constant research and effort to update shop facilities and to develop the most modern production technologies, lead to a highly quality ed production allowing FAI to compete at the highest levels.From the beginning “QUALITY” has always been a major policy for the company. A lot of resources have been made available in the past to ensure high quality, but now our daily efforts focus on constant improvement. Our quality system complies to ISO 9001 and has been accredited by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.