Material & Welding

FAI workshop experience in manufacturing pressure and marine components is extended to all steels and alloys including:

  • Carbon steel any grade
  • Low alloy, chrome-moly up to 9% chrome and nickel up to 9% nickel
  • Stainless steel: austenic, ferritic, superaustenic
  • Stainless Steel: austenoferritic (duplex, superduplex)v
  • Nickel and nickel alloys (monel, inconel, hastelloy)
  • Cupper and cupper alloys (cupronickel and aluminium bronze)
  • Titanium

The above materials are generally: solid, clad or weld overlaied.

Welding Process such as:GTAW, SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, SAW, SAW TANDEM, ESWContinuously updated and supported by code Welding Procedure Qualiy cation Record qualiy ed by Recogni-zed Bodies, are available in-house to cover the above listed material.