What is pig detector?


The Scraper Passage indicator or pig indicator (SPI) is a device installed on pig trap and pipeline to detect the passage of any type of pigs and spheres.
FAI Officine di Carvico SPA is able to supply Scraper Pig indicator intrusive (single, double and DBB valve isolated) and non-intrusive type.

How does an electronic pig receiver work?

In case of intrusive type, a pivoting trigger extend through the pipeline wall thickness fitted on a special mating flange to be welded on pipeline in steel grade to suit project specification.
It is designed as standard unit to withstand the 1500 class rating even for lower class.
Special design is available for class rating 2500 / API 5000 and 10000.

What is a non intrusive pig signaller?

The pigs and spheres running at critical points along pipelines (both on land and offshore) or inside scraper traps are detected mechanically (local visual flag) or through acoustic / magnetic signals.
The signals received are remotely converted.

What is an intrusive pig signaller?

The FAI pig indicators are designed, fabricated and tested to withstand the worst offshore/onshore environments.