The FAI SPI-MAG403 is a fully ATEX, IECEx and UL/CSA Class 1, Division 1 certified, non-intrusive scraper pig detector which quickly and accurately detects, signals, and logs the passage of magnetic scraper at critical points along a pipeline both on land and offshore.

Key benefits of non-intrusive pig detector

  • Use of the SPI-MAG403 can result in time and therefore cost savings.
  • Removes any uncertainty over confirmation of scraper passage.
  • Quick and easy installation using ratchet straps or steel banding.
  • Minimal set up required ensuring time is not lost setting up multiple parameters.
  • Versatile – can be installed on any pipeline up to 60” diameter with all thickness up 50mm (2”), carrying any medium and with scrapers running at varying speeds.
  • No locations restrictions – can be located on major barrel and magnetic sensor can be supplied on a cable up to 20m (65ft) long for use with buried pipelines or where access is limited.
  • Unit can be installed close to the pig receiver door, allowing for confirmation that scraper has passed isolation valves and easy pig recovery.
  • Complete skid mounted systems for remote site locations are available inclusive of Solar Power recharging systems and Satellite communication.

High Intensity LED indicators and the internal electronic display signal scraper passage locally. For remote signalling, DPDT (VFC) dry relay 4-20Ma, and satellite communication options are available. Bluetooth and RS485 MODBUS permits two-way communication for remote programming and data download. The unit logs the time and date of up to 100 events in local non-volatile memory. A removable SD card enables detailed history of sensor data over time. The user can turn the unit ON and OFF as well as modify several settings locally by using a single control button and easy to use menu system.

Pipeline mount and pole/post mounts options are available. For extreme direct sunlight environments sunshades can be provided.




External Power 7x Alkaline DURACELL ID1300 cells
Battery Type (Alkaline) 160 days (LISTENING/LOW POWER MODE at +20°)
Battery Life (Alkaline) 7x Lithium SAFT LS33600 cells
Battery Type (Lithium) 365 days (LISTENING/LOW POWER MODE at +20°)
Battery Life (Lithium) +21.6VDC to +26.4VDC, <1.0W


Standard Outputs:

ISA Type II 2 wire
and 4 wire configurations
4 – 20Ma
Relay Output DPDT Dry Contacts rated 30VDC, 2A
Removable SD Card Micro SD, (32Gb maximum)
Satellite Communication  

Temperature Range:

External Supply (no cells fitted) -50°C to + 85°C (-58°F to + 185°F)
Alkaline 1.5V 18Ah Cells -20°C to + 50°C (-4°F to + 122°F)
Lithium Thionyl Chloride Cells -40°C to + 80°C (-40°F to + 176°F)


Enclosure Rating NEMA 4X / NEMA 7
Entries (other options available) 2x ¾” NPT
Weight in Aluminium 3.5kg (8lbs)
Weight in 316L Stainless Steel 5.5kg (12lbs)
Length (including mounting plate) 240mm (9.4”)
Width (including mounting plate) 192mm (7.6”)
Height (including mounting plate) 165mm (6.5”)


ATEX (Internal Sensor) II 2(1)G Ex db [ia Ga] IICT4… T6 Gb
ATEX (External Sensor) II 1/2(1)G Ex db ia [ia Ga] IICT4… T6 Ga/Gb
EC Type Examination
Certificate Number
IECEx Certificate Number SIR 18.0059X
EMC Certificate Number 5024TC1
CSA/CSA-US CSA18CA70166719